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Handrail Lining 30 x 8

Handrail Lining 30 x 8

Manufacturer: Firma Skowroński

Packaging: 20 lm sections *

Weight: 1.5kg

Available colors: 8 colors

Sales: order by FORM

* - other lengths ordered individually by form exclusively.

Application: covering handrails of staircase balustrades.

Properties:  PVC with special properties facilitating the assembly. The product is easily assembled on handrail upon heating in high temperature. 

Dimensions: fit for 30x8 mm steel flat bars.

Certificate: HK/B/1007/01/2012 issued by the National Institute of Public Health.

The product intended for application in the construction industry, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Assembly instruction: each order is additionally accompanied with assembly instruction for handrail lining.

When placing the order, check the desired color.

Note: 30x8 handrail lining available only at individual order.

Please contact us to place the order and schedule the delivery date.

>> Order a chart << - if you have any doubts concerning the size or color of our product.






Available colors:

brown, dark grey, black, redlight grey bluegreen and pine - readily available.

Color on request of customer - please send your RFQ >> click here <<



Handrail lining is manufactured of plasticized polyvinyl chloride. Its hardness is matched in a way to make it sufficient to prevent its easy removal from the steel flat bar, on which it is assembled, in room temperature. 

Before the assembly, the lining should be heated to the temperature of app. 70 – 80oC to soften it.

One of the softening methods is heating the entire reel in water (e.g. in a cauldron) followed by fast assembly on the handrail.

The second method consists in heating (e.g. using air heater) of small sections and simultaneous assembly on flat bar. When applying this method, care should be taken to not to overheat the lining, which may result in its permanent deformation.


- Flat bar, on which the PVC lining is to be assembled, must have equal dimensions, i.e. may not be coated with too many paint layers and have rough parts in the form of welds or bulges resulting from bending the flat bar on arches.

- Lining must be assembled on flat bar of corresponding dimensions.

- Particular care should be taken, when assembling the lining on arches. In such places, the lining should be particularly well softened to facilitate fitting to the flat bar.