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PVC Granulates

PVC Granulates

Manufacturer: Firma Skowroński

Packaging: foil bags 

Weight: 25 kg/bag

Available colors: natural or bulk colored granulate, available in white, black or other color as agreed on individual basis

Sales: order by FORM, MAIL or FAX




Application: wall - ceiling panels, construction profiles, fencing elements, garden hoses, protective tubes, furniture profiles, seals, shields and covers, bottom and upper shoe elements and suckers.

Properties: granulates manufactured of suspension PVC and additives, such as stabilizers, plasticizers, greases, pigments and other, depending on the requirements. The composition is tailored to individual customer needs.

Quality of manufactured granulates meets technical conditions and special requirements of the customers.

Hardness: 45 ShA – 95 ShA

Dimensions:  PVC granulates have the form of regular granules of similar shape and size.

Storage: granulates are packed in foil bags, 25 kg each. Store in premises of temperature up to 40°C , far from sources of heat. Protect against humidity.