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PVC Garden Hoses

PVC Garden Hoses

Manufacturer: Firma Skowroński

Packaging: packed per unit, length: 20 , 30 or 50 lm

Weight: depending on hose diameter

Available colors: orange

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Application: hoses intended for water transport in the garden, farms or workshops. Resistant to twisting and bending during the use. This property is called Anti Twist. In addition, our hoses are provided with thicker walls comparing to the traditional hoses, which improves comfort of their everyday use. 

Properties: we have developed a special HiTech mixture, of which our hoses are manufactured. High durability, resistance to atmospheric conditions and for the most high flexibility prevent twisting and bending of hose during its use.

Dimensions: standardized to common hose quick-fits of ½ and ¾ inch diameter.

NOTE: fits to all quick-fits available on the market.

Orange color is visible even from a great distance, which makes it easily detectable in green areas, high grasses, etc.

Internal diameter: ½ or ¾ inch

Internal diameter tolerance: ±0.5 mm

Hose wall thickness: ~ 4mm

Permissible working pressure in temperature of 23±2°C: 0.8 MPa (app. 8bar)